First Floor Resident Assistants


Jamie Paterson

Jamie is a Junior from Keller, TX. He is studying Applied Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy. When not reading and studying value or the origins of thought, Jamie loves to be slinging frisbees on the Dallas Hall Lawn. EVO, SMU's ultimate frisbee team, is second in his heart only to the McMansion! He hopes to teach and coach wrestling in the future.


Nadia Patterson

Second Floor Resident Assitants


Roby Liebbe

Roby Liebbe is a Dallas born RA who is majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in Spanish. He enjoys traveling and photography. On campus, he is a member of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and the SMU Water Polo Club. While his favorite food is duck confit, he is always down to try something new.

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Sofia Castells

Sofia is a gem, but before exploring her many facets, let’s get the facts down. Sofia is the ruthless first floor north RA. She craves challenge and easily satiates her appetite. She is a double major in Finance and Economics, and when she grows up she wants to be an astronaut or a fortune 500 CEO. The world is just waiting to show her that in fact, she can do both. There is not a thing that this shiny woman cannot accomplish.

Third Floor Resident Assistants

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James Li

James Li, a rising junior, hails from the city of Beijing. James enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities and you can generally find him in the gym. James is majoring in Finance and also enjoys going on long bike rides. His favorite food is yu xiang rou si, a spicy Chinese pork dish. Fun Fact: James picked his name because he is a huge fan of LeBron James. 

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Marissa Dusek

Marissa Dusek is a junior here at SMU, majoring in mechanical engineering with a biomedical specialization. She’s also a Hunt Scholar who is dedicated to serving her community. When she’s not building robots, or helping organize events like Relay for Life, you can find her making crafts!

Fourth Floor Resident Assistant


Abby Blumenfeld

Abby is a junior from El Paso, Texas studying Chemistry on the medical track. She loves being involved on campus and is a member of Student Senate, Student Foundation, the University Honors Program, and more. When she’s not studying, you can find her on Dallas Hall Lawn playing with dogs. Her favorite food is anything sweet!