McElvaney by the Numbers

McElvaney Commons is the largest, and one of the most social, commons at SMU. Each space in McElvaney contributes to the academic and community-driven atmosphere of this amazing community. 

lobby photo.jpg

1 Lobby

The McElvaney lobby is home to 1 Foosball table, 1 Keurig, 61 books, and 15 tabletop games. It is one of the many places in McElvaney that residents go to take a break from studying just hang out.

2 Classrooms

Classes during the day, studying at night, Commons Council meetings in between, and movie nights the last Sunday of every month. The McElvaney classrooms the definition of multi-purpose.

6 Lounges

Each of the 6 lounges is a bit different; some have ping pong tables, others have a Wii, projector, or piano, but every lounge has a TV.

Resident Rooms

2 twin XL - 80" x 36" - beds

2 desks              2 dressers            2 closets

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